Why Use Sod?

Sod Field

Benefits of Using Sod

  • Instant Lawn
  • Reduces Soil erosion
  • Protects the Bay
  • Produces Oxygen
  • Cools the House & Surrounding Area
  • Absorbs sound, making a Quieter Environment
  • Increases Value of Home
  • Increase Salability of Home
  • Fast & Easy to Install
  • Roots in 3-10 days
  • Playable in 7-14 days
  • Requires same Soil Preparation as Seeding
  • Reduces Weed Problems
  • Can be Installed on Frozen Ground if Soil is Prepared Ahead

Benefits of Using Maryland Certified Sod

  • Grown only from Tested Varieties for Maryland
  • All Seed is Tested & Approved by the Maryland Department of Agriculture
  • All Sod is Weed-Free
  • All Sod is Disease-Free
  • All Sod have low Insect Populations
  • All Sod has good Tensile Strength
  • All Sod has Appropriate Color for Season of the Year
  • All Sod in Inspected & Approved by by the Maryland Department of Agriculture